Forming connections: Teachers share experiences working for online school

SHERIDAN — Technology in education will likely increase in the future. More students are likely to participate in something similar to the Cowboy State Virtual Academy, an online school started earlier this year by Sheridan County School District 1.

The CSVA is relatively small, though, serving about a dozen students. Meanwhile, a full-time online school already exists in Wyoming. Wyoming Connections Academy is a public online school that serves students from across Wyoming in grades K–12 under the umbrella of Big Horn County School District 1.

The online school was established in July 2009 as Jackson Hole Connections Academy before changing its name in 2011. The WYCA is part of Connections Academy, a business that began in 2001 and now operates 34 online schools in 29 states.

The Sheridan Press spoke with two WYCA teachers about why they wanted to teach at the online school and how it differs from more traditional public education.

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