What We Do

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Welcome to the official Website of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families.

Created and led by parent volunteers, this coalition was formed to protect our educational choices and make sure parents’ and families’ voices are heard in the Capitol and around the state.

Together with our fellow parents, families, teachers, and friends, we will educate policy makers and others on why we chose a virtual school for our children; how these schools work; the close, working relationship we have with our teachers and administrators; and much, much more

We promote positive stories about online learning in newspapers, on talk radio and TV news.

We prepare for additional legal maneuvers that may harm us.

We employ a government relations professional who helps make our case in Madison and keeps us posted on legislative and regulatory issues.

We coordinate with allies in the education reform movement to help empower parents with additional options.

This site will be your family’s gateway to news and information about online learning and education reform in Wisconsin, including the great news about this form of public education; the latest on what’s happening in Madison and Washington, D.C.  that could affect our choices; and suggestions on how you can get involved in protecting your choice.

We hope you find this site useful and informative, and we encourage you to visit regularly so you can stay informed and take action!

Madison, Wisc...] About a hundred virtual charter school students and their families were in Madison on Tuesday for their annual Capitol day. A panel of four lawmakers held a town hall, answering any and every question the students threw their way. The Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families represents about 5,000 students across the state.

A nice recap of our journey so far...