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For years, we've fought to keep online virtual schools an option for Wisconsin's parents. It's time to speak up, again.

In case you haven't noticed, there is chaos brewing in Madison.

We're not going there to shout, but our voices will be heard. The legislative schedule has been difficult to predict, but we've waited long enough. And we would have liked to give you more advanced notice, but we need to move quickly, and we're at the mercy of legislative floor and committee schedules that have been in flux.

Let's get right to the point: There is a move afoot in Madison to restrict charter schools and educational choice. While online charter schools are not in the crosshairs yet, we very well could be a target during this contentious budget process.

It's time to join online charter school students, families and faculty from around Wisconsin as we lift up our voices and show that while our schools may be 'virtual' we are indeed very real people.

Learn about pressing legislative and regulatory matters that could threaten your school as well as efforts to keep this educational option thriving for generations.

Take a self-guided tour of beautiful State Capitol Building.

Meet the men and women who represent you in Madison.

We can't wait to see you!


Your Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families

Who are we? Well, created and led by parent volunteers a decade ago, this coalition was formed to protect our educational choices and make sure parents’ and families’ voices are heard in the Capitol and around the state.

Together with our fellow parents, families, teachers, and friends, we will educate policy makers and others on why we chose a virtual school for our children; how these schools work; the close, working relationship we have with our teachers and administrators; and much, much more. We are funded by voluntary contributions for individuals and organizations who want to ensure that Wisconsin families continue to have educational options like virtual schools. We accept contributions but will never make you contribute any funds in order to stay informed. We promote positive stories about online learning in newspapers, on talk radio and TV news.

We are the voice for the students, teachers and families who know that online charter schools work in Wisconsin!