Virtual School Made It Possible

Heidi Duke’s memories of high school vary a bit from the norm. Instead of going to her school’s campus, she studied online; and instead of doing assignments in a classroom, she did them at her house, in car trips on the way to doctors’ appointments, and in hospital waiting rooms.

In Heidi’s sophomore year, doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy. A condition, she said, she may have had since birth. Her seizures made it impossible to continue school at a traditional brick and mortar location, and so she enrolled as a student at St. Johns Virtual School.

Just this month, Heidi, 18, graduated with high marks from the program and plans to attend the University of North Florida in the fall.

“I’m proud of myself,” she said. “I didn’t think I’d finish with straight As. … I’m privileged they have virtual school for situations like mine, and for kids like me who need it.”

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