School Choice in Wisconsin: Expanded Statewide, but Barriers Remain

By Ola Lisowski
MacIver Institute Research Associate

When the state legislature created Wisconsin's Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) in 2016, Milwaukee educator William Koehn knew his school had to participate. 

"Because we serve students who are all somewhere on the special needs spectrum, it was extremely important for us to be able to take advantage of the special needs scholarship program, and we did just that," said Koehn, administrator and lead teacher at St. Coletta Day School of Milwaukee. 

St. Coletta, which serves 24 students with special needs, recently celebrated its 60th year. It was initially established by a group of parents dissatisfied with schooling options in local public or private schools. The school has participated in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program for six years, which Koehn says has drastically changed the kinds of services he is able to provide his students.

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