School choice in public interest

From the Lincoln Journal Start, Lincoln, Nebraska

Some organizations want to portray school choice as a movement “against public schools.” Personally, I’m very grateful for my own K-12 public education and the public educations of my children at district schools here in Lincoln, as well as district and charter schools in other states. The school choice movement is about embracing K-12 education in its many forms so that each and every child can access the educational resources that will help them to reach their goals ("Private, charter school advocates gather at Capitol," Jan. 27).

For most kids in Lincoln, public schools work very well and will continue to work well as more choices become available. Some kids need other options, however, and as we embrace and support those options, we’ll send the rising generation the message that their educations are so important that we put politics aside to ensure they get what they need. A child is not worth less to our community because he homeschools or attends a private or online school. They are as much a part of the public as a child who attends the neighborhood district elementary school.

If we truly value equal opportunity, don't children deserve our attention and support? Promoting school choice is simply supporting the individual educational goals of all of our community’s children. What could be more public-spirited than that?

Rachel Terry, Lincoln