U.S. Education Abroad with International Connections Academy

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Though sixteen year-old American expatriate Christian Billman has lived in Recife, Brazil, for six years, in that time he has been able to fulfill all the educational requirements of a typical teenager in the U.S. and will soon graduate with a U.S. diploma, all from the comfort of his home in Brazil through International Connections Academy.

Of those who applied to college from the school’s 2016 graduates, 100 percent were accepted, photo courtesy of the International Connections Academy.

For the past several years, Christian has been enrolled in International Connections Academy, an accredited, online private school serving students in grades K-12 worldwide. The virtual school allows English-speaking students living abroad with expat parents to receive a high-quality education that meets U.S. standards, with only a computer and an internet connection.

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