EDITORIAL: Advancing parental choice

Teacher unions and school choice — like oil and water, ammonia and bleach or toothpaste and beer — don’t typically go well together. But that may soon change in Nevada.

Thanks to a confluence of pragmatism, self interest and popular opinion, the leader of the Clark County Education Association said last week he’s open to a compromise that would advance Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Education Savings Account program.

This is a step forward that bodes well for progress at the 2017 Legislature.

“We want a session of accomplishment,” said John Vellardita, the union’s executive director. In a meeting with the Review-Journal on Wednesday, he noted that his organization’s top priority is to implement a weighted funding formula for the 2017 school year under which campuses receive additional financial support for students who present various challenges. But to achieve that goal, he revealed that the union may be willing to bend on the governor’s school choice initiative.

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