Mentors make the difference in online learning


Because of the very technology involved in its delivery, online learning offers students a unique opportunity to personalize their education. As long as they have a Wi-Fi connection, students can use their laptops, smartphones or tablets to dive into their studies from virtually anywhere, at any time, tailoring their studies to their schedules and their interests.

School districts also see the potential of online education as a way of personalizing the learning experience for an increasingly diverse population of students with a broad range of needs — from types of classes they seek to the native languages they speak. And that same technology can be used to collect and assess a student’s success — or lack thereof.

Since 2006, Michigan has required all K-12 students to have an online learning experience before graduating from high school.

Technology is only a tool, though. For students to fully personalize their online learning experience, it’s important they connect in a meaningful way with other students and, more importantly, their teachers. 

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