Having a choice in educational options for my children

By Tiffany Gee Lewis


My elementary-aged boys began their first day of school in a new location last week.

They’re enrolled at an innovative charter school that meets once a week to receive a week’s worth of instruction. Through home-linked assignments, we complete the week’s assignments at home.

The jury is still out on whether this particular model will work for us (it’s a ton of work), but it’s been an adventure to try something new and innovative. The school is organized and well-planned and celebrating its 10th year, a success story in the world of charter schools.

Since my children started their formal education, we have tried it all: traditional public school, home school, private school, charter and now this home-school/charter hybrid.

I have been, above all, grateful for the choice. Recognizing that education is not one size fits all, we’ve been able to experiment with varied learning models and curriculums.

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