In a Changing World, Education Should be Centered on the Individual, not the Building

By Ola Lisowski
MacIver Institute Research Associate

As a lifelong public school attendee who began her education in the Chicago Public School system, I'm not the most obvious choice for a defender of, well, educational choice. Even when I crossed the state border to become a badger or international borders to pursue a graduate degree, I have always attended public schools. 

For my family, they worked. When my sister was ahead in her class, her attentive teachers contacted my parents and let them know their options for advanced programs where she could travel to a local high school to take classes in 7th grade. When I entered pre-kindergarten having already learned how to read, my teachers got in touch with my parents right away to discuss options for moving me up a grade, which I did after a few weeks of attending the 1st grade.

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