Utah Connections Academy Student: Online School Helps Me Succeed

Sophia Perkins writes in the Deseret News:

I attend online school at Utah Connections Academy. There are many reasons as to why I am thankful for this school option: I am able to move at my own pace, I have done so much better than I did in traditional school, and it helps with my schedule. When I attended traditional high school, I wasn’t able to move at my own pace; sometimes I needed to go slower and other times I wanted to go faster. In online school I can take my time, and even if I fall behind I don’t feel pressured to constantly get caught up — this helps especially in math.

Online school, honestly, helped me become more successful in my academic career. I have a very time-dependent schedule. I am a teen parent, which I am proud of, and I am also working on getting a part-time job. Attending UCA helps me because I can work around my own schedule and at my own pace. The main reason I am thankful for UCA is the teachers and all their help. They always respond to every webmail I send, call me when I need them to, and help in live lessons. No matter how many times I ask, they are always very helpful.

Sophia Perkins

West Valley City