From Beloit; For some students, virtual can be best educational fit

BELOIT — Although Beloit Memorial High School wasn’t a good fit for Nathan Brown, virtual school in the School District of Beloit has helped him improve his performance.

His mother Mary Brown was concerned about class sizes at BMHS. Now she’s very pleased with the district’s efforts to guide her son through its virtual school program.

“I’m grateful because the school district has been amazing. They are fully supportive of whatever we need to do,” Mary Brown said.

Nathan, 16, said his biggest problem at BMHS was learning in class. Because of large class sizes and a few unruly students, paying attention was difficult for him.

“It’s hard to pay attention with 30-plus kids. Four to five kids would be loud, obnoxious, and trouble-making and taking away from my learning,” Nathan said.

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