Racine Mom Thankful for School of Choice

I support and thank state Rep. Robin Vos, who is a strong advocate of school choice. School choice has been an amazing opportunity for my daughter to attend a school where she can receive a great education, be challenged and learn life skills. Without school choice in Racine, we would not have been able to afford HOPE Via.

HOPE Via has been a tremendous blessing to our child. HOPE Via gives our child a chance to attend a great school and learn about Jesus at the same time. Our family is blessed with HOPE Via knowing we are sending our child to a school with a family atmosphere every day of the week.

All families should have the opportunity to participate in school choice because it gives children and their families a wonderful opportunity to receive a great education.

Without school choice, my students would not have access to receive a Christian education. Rep. Vos is making this possible for more and more students across Racine.

Ashly Cruz, Racine