Wisconsin Virtual Academy Students Making News!

Their fans know John and Korey Cooper of Kenosha as two members of the high energy Christian rock band Skillet — make that Christian 

hard rock


But beyond their show biz personas, the Coopers, married 19 years, share the same kinds of concerns other parents do for their children. For them, that includes making sure Alexandria, 12, and Xavier, 11, who have toured with the band since infancy, get a good education.

“With Skillet, we travel all the time. We do 220 days a year,” said Korey. “You never imagined a band would go for 20 years, and that we’d be taking our kids on the road with us.”

Korey said she home schooled Alexandria and Xavier until Alexandria turned 7 and was about to enter third grade. 

By then, Korey said, “It got to be too much of a stress for me to choose a curriculum. I started wondering whether I might be missing something in their education.”

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