Is Virtual School the Right Choice for Your Child?

It's never too late to explore your options...


Joshua McMurtry was a strong student, receiving high marks from his elementary school teachers. But the Milwaukee fourth-grader still didn't feel confident academically, expressing concern to his parents that he was uncertain about what he was getting out of school.
After researching various options and talking with family and friends, Joshua's mom, Cheryl, decided to enroll him in the Wisconsin Virtual Academy, a full-time, tuition-free online public charter school for grades K-12 open to students statewide.
"It was the best decision for him and for us. During his middle school years, we wanted to ensure that he was getting what he needed," said Cheryl McMurtry.
The McMurtry family is one of thousands of Wisconsin families who have turned to online education as an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar school. The state had 32 virtual charter schools in the 2014-2015 school year with more than 7,000 students.
Each school is authorized by a school district, and students can enroll anywhere in the state through Wisconsin's open enrollment provisions. The largest virtual schools in Wisconsin are the McFarland School District's Wisconsin Virtual Academy, Waukesha's eAcheive Academy, Appleton's Wisconsin Connections Academy and Northern Ozaukee's Wisconsin Virtual Learning.
Leslye Moraski Erickson, the head of the Wisconsin Virtual Academy, said the reasons families opt for online education are varied, but the allure is its customization and flexibility.



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