Honoring Janet Gustman

Wisconsin's online public schools employ hundreds of outstanding professional educators. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, a parent with the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families, Moira McManus, offered this insight about Janet Gustman, a teacher at the Wisconsin Virtual Academy:

Janet Gustman has always shown genuine concern for our students. This year, she noticed when my son was behind in his history lessons. She called him to find out if there was a problem that she could help him with. She also worked with him to set up a schedule for him to catch up. Finally, she checked back with him later to see whether the plan for his work on history was working or whether it needed to be adjusted. She was always encouraging him and helping him feel like he could complete this task.

Janet Gustman has a unique perspective as a teacher since she used to be a learning coach. She knows the system from both sides. As a result, she encourages learning while understanding that it happens in different ways with different families. She allows me, as the learning coach, to decide what will work best for our family and at the same time is always ready to offer assistance when it is needed.

By approaching my son about his progress in his history course and helping him formulate a plan for improving, she gave him the encouragement and enthusiasm to achieve the goals that they set together. He realized that he had both a responsibility and the ability to reach those goals. Even though she does not always interact with the students face to face, she does an amazing job of connecting with them and getting results!

Congratulations to Janet, and all of our outstanding teachers!