Free Online Science Learning Activities for Kids (Kindergarten–High School)

Many students find that their ability to learn and retain information improves when they enjoy the learning process. Supplemental online learning activities can be a great way to make learning fun. If your students say they don’t like science or are not able to learn it, maybe they just haven’t discovered the learning tools that work best for them. Introduce them to new ways they can learn challenging subjects, and you may find their learning ability vastly improves.

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Dayton Public to launch online school


Dayton Public Schools will launch an online school this fall with two main goals – preventing dropouts by offering a nontraditional model, and bringing back students who have left for other online schools, hurting district revenue.

The Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy will be open to grades 9-12, but will be limited at first to 50 students, with hopes to expand. Students will receive a computer and wireless internet access, and can do the work from home. Like regular public school, it will be free.

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Charter Schools Still Work

With Betsy DeVos now helming the Department of Education, American parents and students will likely have access before long to a federally sponsored school-choice program. That’s great news, but the Trump administration’s education policymakers shouldn’t ignore the growing charter-school movement, which has dramatically improved access to high-quality education for many students whom the traditional public school system has left behind.

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5 Essential Career Planning Resources for High School Students

Children start thinking about their career as young as seven, but they plot their future objectives more strategically in high school. During these formative years, students can take advantage of internships, which give them a chance to gain experience and exposure to various career fields. The more information students receive about career opportunities, the better informed they can be in making decisions about their future after high school.

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An open letter on behalf of the cyber school community in Pennsylvania

Early last week in Governor Wolf's budget address, he addressed the continual deficit in Pennsylvania, referencing previous cuts to education funding. During his tenure, Governor Wolf and the legislature have invested a historic amount into public school education. While he pledges to continue to make this his top priority in 2017, we cannot forget that cyber schools are in fact public schools, too.

As we work toward increasing general education funding, it is important that this does not come at the expense of cyber charter schools. With the Governor reiterating that he has no priority greater than educating our children, cyber schools are encouraged and believe the same.

Children are constantly encouraged to think outside the box - why do we as adults insist on educational methods that are squarely inside the box?

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What’s The Best Choice For Our Youth When It Comes To School Choice?

Before school choice was introduced at the 85th Legislative Session, some Texans may have not been aware of this movement.

Since 2011, a week has been designated in January to celebrate National School Choice Week. Gov. Greg Abbott officially proclaimed January 22-28, 2017 as “School Choice Week” in Texas, joining two dozen governors and more than 600 city and county leaders nationwide in issuing proclamations for the week. Why do Texas lawmakers have an interest in this choice?

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Online school student brings Valentine cheer to seniors

Keystone Bluffs Assisted Living resident Penny Bodell, originally of Hermantown, wasn't expecting to get a Valentine's Day card last Tuesday.

"No I didn't expect one. Maybe in the mail from one of my sons a few days later, but they're all grown up and busy with their own things," Bodell said.

So she was overjoyed when eighth grader Madeline Walczynski brought her a handmade valentine and a pink balloon.

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Tony Evers, Lowell Holtz easily advance out of Wisconsin DPI superintendent primary

Incumbent state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers easily placed first in Tuesday's primary election, earning the right to defend his seat in the April 4 election against voucher advocate Lowell Holtz.

Evers, who is seeking a third four-year term, had about 69% of the vote. Holtz, a retired Whitnall School District superintendent, had 23%. And former Dodgeville administrator-turned-part time-consultant John Humphries was third with 7%.

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Louisiana Connections Academy Paraprofessional named Outstanding Paraeducator of the Year

Stacie Reed of Denham Springs has received the Louisiana Council for Exceptional Children (LA-CEC) 2017 “Yes I Can!” Outstanding Paraeducator of the Year Award.

LA-CEC is the voice and vision of special education, an organization for teachers and advocates for special education and for those with exceptionalities.

Every year, the LA-CEC recognizes a select number of students with special needs via their “Yes I Can!” Award as well as adults who devote their lives and services to help educate and/or advocate for those with special needs.

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