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Governor Walker Eliminates Cap on Enrollment in Virtual Schools
June 26, 2011
With a stroke of a pen, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker scored an incredible victory for children, education reformers and parental advocates across his state.

Memo on SB2
April 29, 2011
I was deeply disappointed to see the Assembly Education Committee weaken the strong, pro-parent open enrollment language contained in both Senator Olsen's Senate Bill 2 and Governor Walker's Budget Bill. I am writing today on behalf of our entire coalition to urge you to restore the strong open enrollment language passed by the State Senate in February on a bipartisan basis. I do not want to tell the thousands of families in our coalition that after gaining the support of the Governor and a bipartisan agreement in the Senate, that it was Assembly Republicans who were the obstacles to this much needed reform.

Virtual Scholing News

Hundreds Wait as School Year Looms
July 27, 2011
Thanks to a cap on enrollment, nearly 600 children remain locked out of the public school of their choice, just weeks before the start of the school year. 563 students who hope to enroll in one of Wisconsin?s online public charter schools remain on a state-mandated waiting list, according to figures provided by the Department of Public Instruction and released by the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families.

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